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Fungicides for ALS and Head Rot in Broccoli

The revised Fungicide "Cheat Sheet" for Alternaria Leaf Spot and Head Rot in Broccoli and Other Cole Crops, 2023 is now available. It includes:
  • Conventional and organic fungicides that have been field tested in 7 fungicide trials in broccoli from 2018-2022
  • Relative performance ratings for control of ALS
  • Active ingredient(s)
  • FRAC groups
  • Rating for risk of fungicide resistance
  • Pre-harvest interval
  • Use restrictions (e.g. NYS-restricted)
  • Many tips on how to build a successful fungicide program for ALS and downy mildew that adheres to best fungicide resistance management.

Agricultural Water Testing Drop-Off Sites in WNY

If you are curious about the quality of your irrigation ponds, streams, wells, or other surface water source, water testing is an important tool to consider. Water testing that provides meaningful results requires a quantified generic E. coli test or an Enumeration E. coli test. The Enumeration test provides test results as in numbers of (bacterial) colony forming units (CFU or most probable number MPN). Having a number allows you to track the results with a comparable baseline. Each water source should be tested 3-4 times a season and do this each growing season.

Water testing drop-off sites have been set up in a number of locations across the region by Lozier Environmental Consulting in Rochester. Water test sample bottles, forms, and information are available at each site. 
  • If you are in Ontario County, contact Nancy Anderson at the CCE Ontario County office in Canandaigua at 585-394-3977 x427. You can pick up the supplies (forms, bottles, instructions, and takes payment) at the CCE office. You will be required to take your sample(s) to a drop-off site in Canandaigua; the bottles will be picked up and delivered to Life Science Labs in Syracuse for analysis.
For assistance in understanding the water test results, contact Robert Hadad or the lab.